About Us


Following the spirit of EC21, including our main values –“pride”, “trust”, and “respect”- ORIX’s Business Conduct Principles guide our practice of compliance as we pursue our vision to be a globally respected company. These principles require us to make our outmost efforts to:

  1. Fulfil client’s needs by offering products and services that create real and lasting values.
  2. Abide by the law, regulations, and social norms while promoting free trade and competition.
  3. Maintain integrity in transparent and sound corporate management by providing adequate disclosure to the public.
  4. Continuously improve our business by consistently maintaining healthy corporate governance and sharing appropriate information with shareholders and publics.
  5. Value employees’ individual significance by giving them the opportunities and environments that nurture professional development.
  6. Respect the culture, customs, and the environments wherever we operate to create genuine and meaningful contribution to their economy and society.
  7. Strictly avoid involvement or association with any unlawful or socially questionable organizations.
  8. Be a good corporate citizen in each country or region by maintaining a proper and fair relationship with the official bodies such as: government, public administration office, and other social organizations.