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Related with Infobank Magazine number 519, published in July 2021, Volume XLIII, with Title “Rating 145 Multi finance 2021”.

Infobank Magazine has assessed the performance of Multifinance Companies based on December 2020 Financial Performance. The main approach of this Multifinance rating is still based on the Financial Growth and Ratio which are still considered close to the real conditions of each multifinance company.

From total 145 Multifinance Company assessed by Infobank Magazine, PT ORIX Indonesia Finance is classified with predicate “Very Good” in 2020, with rank as following:







Multifinance Company with Assets of IDR 1 Trillion to below IDR 5 Trillion


Very Good


Multifinance Company with Predicate “Very Good” for 10 consecutive years (2011-2020)


Very Good


Referring to Page 87, Infobank magazine make an article of “Top 5 Ranked in the Group of Multifinance Company with Assets of IDR 1 Trillion to below IDR 5 Trillion” which stated that:

  1. With a score of 89.45%, PT ORIX Indonesia Finance received the predicate of “Very Good“ in the “Rating of 145 Multifinance” Infobank 2021 version.

  2. In 2020, Total Financing of PT ORIX Indonesia Finance recorded at Rp 4.14 trillion and Total Asset at Rp 4.80 trillion. In terms of Rentability, the company led by Takehisa Kaneda as the President Director is rated Excellent. ROA & ROE were at the level of 4.20% and 7.85%, respectively. BO/PO ratio (Operational Cost / Operational Income) at the level of 61.32%.