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Information and/or data to be submitted to ORIF:

  • Identification of customer and/or his/her attorney / representative in the form of copy of KTP (for Indonesian citizen) or KITAS (for foreign citizen);

  • Original special power of attorney if a customer is represented by other parties;

  • Material of complaint;

  • Documents related to the material of complaint


Stages of customer complaint settlement:

  • Verbal complaint shall be followed up and settled no later than 5 (five) business days since such complaint is received.

  • Written complaint shall be followed up and settled within 20 (twenty) business days since such complaint is received.

  • Settlement period of written complaint can be extended to another 20 (twenty) business days from the expiry of the first period, due to following reasons: 

  1. ORIF’s office receiving the customer’s complaint is not the same with ORIF’s office where the case happened; or

  2. Complaint by the customer needs particular investigation; or

  3. There are other things beyond ORIF’s control such as involvement of a third party in the financial transaction made between ORIF and the customer.

  • In the event that the customer object ORIF’s response, customer may choose to settle the complaint through Alternative Dispute Resolution Institution (LAPS) for Financing Company,  where ORIF has been registered as a member. 

        For further information on the Financial Services Sector LAPS, please refer to the following link : https://lapssjk.id