Good Governance


PT. ORIX Indonesia Finance has a vision and mission which applied in Code of Conduct and Ethics :

  1. Pride
  2. Trust
  3. Respect


Principles of Practical Behavior include :

  • Appropriate and well-meaning explanations when submitting offers for products and services
  • Prohibition of insider trading
  • Complete obedience to the law
  • Being refrained from giving a banquet
  • Protecting company property
  • Not facilitating Money laundering and Smuggling


ORIX Corporation issued a code of ethics and conduct policy in work that applies to ORIX Group.


Code of ethics and behavior in work includes 8 values:

  1. A careful consideration for ORIX Group customers
  2. Protection of Company's wealth, Corporate Value, and Intellectual Property belonging to Other Parties
  3. Compliance with Legislation
  4. Prohibition against Illegal and improper transactions
  5. The honor of human rights and the absence of harassment
  6. Contribution to Society and Environmental Protection
  7. Security of work environment and business continuity
  8. Reporting illegal or inappropriate actions