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Information and/or data to be submitted to ORIF:
  • Identification of customer and/or his/her attorney / representative in the form of copy of KTP (for Indonesian citizen) or KITAS (for foreign citizen);
  • Original special power of attorney if a customer is represented by other parties;
  • Material of complaint;
  • Documents related to the material of complaint
Stages of customer complaint settlement:
  • Verbal complaint shall be followed up and settled no later than 5 (five) business days since such complaint is received.
  • Written complaint shall be followed up and settled within 20 (twenty) business days since such complaint is received.
  • Settlement period of written complaint can be extended to another 20 (twenty) business days from the expiry of the first period, due to following reasons: 
  1. ORIF’s office receiving the customer’s complaint is not the same with ORIF’s office where the case happened; or
  2. Complaint by the customer needs particular investigation; or
  3. There are other things beyond ORIF’s control such as involvement of a third party in the financial transaction made between ORIF and the customer.
  • In the event that the customer object ORIF’s response, customer may choose to settle the complaint through alternative dispute resolution body for financing company registered in Financial Service Authority, i.e., Financing Company, Pawnbrokerage, and Venture Capital Mediation Board (Badan Mediasi Perusahaan Pembiayaan, Pegadaian dan Modal Ventura (BMPPVI)).