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June 28, 2024
Financial Literacy Activity with President University


The high level of financial literacy is a long-term with the purpose that everyone is able to manage their finances properly. In order to improve the financial knowledge of the Indonesian people, PT ORIX Indonesia Finance (ORIF) as one of the finance companies in Indonesia incorporated in the Financial Services Institution under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) participates in regularly organizing Financial Literacy activities.


On June 21, 2024, ORIF in collaboration with President University held a seminar with the main theme "Next-Gen Finance: Diving into Digital Money, Loans, and Investments" with 150 students participating.



This financial literacy activity was opened by representatives from President University, namely Mr. Imam Permana as Dean of the Faculty of Business, Ms. Mila Austria Reyes as Head of the Accounting Study Program, Dandie Arya as Head of the Accounting Department Association, and Arya Lombe Pasau as Seminar Project Manager who gave directions and hopes that this activity could run successfully and be useful for all students participating in the seminar.



Mr. Ade Vidonta Ginting as the Deputy Head of Department of ORIF’s Human Resource Division as well as the first speaker from ORIF provided an overview of finance companies. In his presentation, Mr. Ade explained the definition of a finance company, the types of financing activities, the benefits of financing, and the differences between banking companies and finance companies.



Heading into the main session of the seminar, Mr. Patrick Kevin Aritonang as the Division Head of ORIF's Funding Division as well as the main speaker of the seminar paid special attention to the importance of financial literacy to adapt to technological transformation in today's rapidly evolving financial industry. The discussion also focused on the transformation of digital money, the rise of digital lending, the dynamics of investment technology coverage, along with the risks and challenges.



Digitalization in the financial sector certainly provides convenience for the community, which can also become a problem if it is misused.  Therefore, through this financial literacy activity, ORIF is committed to continuing to educate students and the Indonesian society, so that they are able to utilize technological advances in the financial sector more wisely and can avoid the risks of misuse of financial technology. Thus, the essence of financial literacy is expected to hone the skills, understanding, and also the culture of the community in digital-based financial management.