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Planting Mangrove Tree Program


As one of the Company's commitments in carrying out its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, PT ORIX Indonesia Finance held a Mangrove tree planting with the theme "Together We Green the World". The planting of Mangrove trees is carried out as an effort to protect the environment and the Mangrove ecosystem which has been damaged due to land conversion to other designated areas, encroachment, pests and diseases, pollution, and expansion of ponds, as well as untrained cultivation practices.


Another purpose of planting mangrove is to protect the coastline from abrasion or erosion and this mangrove plant is a type of plant that has strong roots that can absorb large waves including tsunamis. Therefore, the benefits of planting mangroves are very important to prevent natural disasters.


PT ORIX Indonesia Finance represented by Mr. Apep MK Noormansyah as Vice President Director carried out a reforestation program by planting 100 mangrove trees on December 16th, 2021, scattered in the area of ​​the Angke Kapuk Nature Tourism Park (TWA AK) which is a mangrove conservation area of ​​99.82 hectares in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta.


This area is owned by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, Managed by the Jakarta Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA), and Tourism activities are managed by PT Murindra Karya Lestari (MKR) as the holder of a natural tourism business permit.


By holding this mangrove tree planting, it is hoped that it will indirectly provide awareness and learning to the community about the importance of maintaining the coastal ecosystem by taking care of the mangrove plants. This activity must also continue to be instilled in the next generation or the younger generation to take an active role in protecting the environment that will support people's lives in the future.

Together We Green the World

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