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Business Practice Principles

In order to ensure that the answer to all the questions in the "Employee Conduct Principles" is "yes", we have established the following business practices.

1. Advertising and Promoting Products and Services with Integrity
ORIX has established "Sales Promotion Guidelines", which are designed to ensure thorough integrity in the advertising and promotion of products and services.

2. Dealing Effectively with Customers and Achieving Customer Satisfaction
We require employees to deal with customers effectively and with integrity, responding appropriately and promptly to their complaints, inquiries, and opinions. We also strive to use our customers' comments to develop new products and improve operations.

3. Understanding Customers' Needs and Developing Customer-oriented Products
We are determined to develop high-quality, customer-oriented products that meet market needs and comply with all laws and regulations.

4. Document Preparation and Retention
As we prepare documents, we work to ensure that they are accurate and easy to understand without any misleading expressions. All documents prepared internally or by outside sources need to be retained and destroyed appropriately in accordance with ORIX's "Documentation Management Rules".

5. Safeguarding Information and Protecting Confidential Information
We are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of our customers' information and the privacy of ORIX directors, executives and employees. We therefore strive to ensure that information is not inadvertently leaked to outsiders.

6. Improving ORIX's Brand Value through Appropriate and Fair Disclosure
To earn a greater understanding of ORIX's operations and performance, appropriate and clear information is disclosed to all stakeholders when appropriate. All employees are also responsible for strengthening ORIX's brand image, remembering that each of them represents the company.

7. Prohibition of Insider Trading
We will not tolerate insider trading involving the purchase and sale of stock or other securities. To prevent this problem, material non-public information on ORIX and customers is rigorously controlled.

8. Complying with Laws
To avoid any inadvertent participation in illegal transactions, we make diligent efforts to understand the laws and regulations governing our operations and comply with them.

9. Appropriate Relationships among Group Companies
As part of maintaining the strength of the ORIX Group, when we do business with other ORIX Group companies, we strive to avoid practices that might lead third parties to question ORIX's integrity.

10. Appropriate Relationships with Stakeholders
We strive to keep our relationships with stakeholders - including social occasions involving entertainment and gifts - within acceptable limits. When we entertain stakeholders or offer them a gift, we strive to ensure there is no cause for suspicion or distrust.

11. No Ties with Unlawful or Socially Questionable Individuals and Groups
We avoid ties with unlawful or sociably questionable individuals or groups, and we refrain from business practices that might encourage disreputable acts. Our stance is clear and firm: we will challenge these individuals and groups if they attempt to exploit ORIX in any way.

12. Respecting Human Rights and Promoting a Supportive Work Environment
We are promoting a supportive work environment based on mutual trust and common sense that is free from infringement upon human rights including sexual harassment and any form of discrimination.

13. Securing a Safe and Healthy Work Environment
We are working to create a safe and healthy work environment, taking every precaution to prevent hazards and accidents.

14. Protecting ORIX's Assets
To protect ORIX's tangible and intangible assets, we encourage all employees to be cost-conscious and avoid using company assets for personal reasons.

15. Appropriate Handling of Intellectual Property
Throughout our operations, we are determined to prevent infringement upon the intellectual property rights of others. At the same time, we are taking every means to protect ORIX's intellectual property rights.

16. Complying with Internal Rules and Managing Them Appropriately
We aim to conduct our business appropriately in accordance with ORIX's internal rules. At the same time, we constantly review the rules to ensure they are suited to current demands and efficient operations.

17. Establishment of Internal Controls and Checks and Balances
We have established internal controls and checks and balances. ORIX's managers are responsible for maintaining a clear understanding of the current status of performance in their area of responsibility.

18. Appropriate Credit and Collection
When we offer credit or pursue collection, we strive to ensure that we comply with the law and ORIX's internal rules. Based on the best available information and data, rigorous reviews are performed to confirm that credit and collection activities meet the highest social and ethical standards.

19. Appropriate and Transparent Decision-Making
All decisions should be made in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and ORIX's internal rules. They also should be accountable and made on a reasonable basis.

20. Effective Risk Management
To achieve our goals, we recognize the importance of risk management. In practice, this calls for an effective internal control system designed for continuous risk assessment and management.

21. Contributing to Society and Protecting the Environment
ORIX's social role is to define and extend values that benefit society. To live up to this responsibility, we consider the effects of our business on the environment and make efforts to maintain harmony with society.

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