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This section of the code reflects the two-way relationship existing between PT. ORIX Indonesia Finance and its employees. The acceptance of employment is an implicit commitment to observe the company's standards of conduct and performance. In return, the company acknowledges obligation and undertaking to every individual of the employees.

A fair day's work
• We will not be expected to do more than is reasonable within the agreed working
  hours based on the prevailing regulations.
• We will be punctual.

A fair day's pay
• The skills, experience, honesty and fidelity will determine remuneration.

Performance evaluation
• Performance evaluation must be fair and just.
• All employees will receive feedback on their performance at regular intervals.

Promotion policies
• Preference will be given first to promoting existing employees when filling
  position, rather than recruiting from outside the company.
• Employees will be encouraged to work hard and smart, behave honestly and
  loyally to the company to qualify for promotion within the organization.

Employee training
• Employees accepting financial and other assistance to acquire qualification
  should make a commitment to the company in return.
• Employees who undertaking further study and training will receive recognition
  and support for their achievement as long as they do not adversely
  affect the company operations.

Using company time and assets responsibly
• Personal use or consumption of company property such as stationary, intellectual
  property including customers' data and computer program, is not acceptable
  except where properly authorized by management.
• Company owned assets must be maintained in safe working condition at all times.
• Entertainment of clients or any form of hospitality at the company's expense
  should be offered only where there is an existing relationship or where there is
  the potential for one that contributes significantly to PT. ORIX Indonesia
  Finance's business.
• Company owned assets (giro, money, check, etc) shall be submitted to official
  division/manager in charge immediately.
• Bringing the families to the office, both weekend and weekdays, should be avoid.

Conflict of interest, bribery, inducement
• We must avoid situations where a conflict of interest could arise or be seen as a
• Inappropriate gifts or gratuities are not acceptable. Also prohibited receiving any
  personal profit (except official compensation such as salary/bonus) through
  company operation directly or indirectly. Any goods (including lucky draw) given
  by customer or supplier shall be returned to company because we are invited as
  a company.
• We should avoid attending "inappropriate entertainment" events as guests of
  suppliers where our attendance could raise wrong expectations to the suppliers.
• Releasing any company information about company financial condition and
  marketing policies, to non PT. ORIX Indonesia Finance employees/directors is
  prohibited subject to penalty.
• Avoid receiving anything (money, benefit, gift, etc) directly or indirectly from any
  third parties, except snacks, soft drinks, sales promotional goods (within
  reasonable value), calendar, or invitation to have lunches and dinners (within
  reasonable value) once a while.

Equal opportunity
• In interviewing applicants for new positions or promotions, the company will
  consider the skills needed for the job and the attributes of the attributes
  of the applicant. In decisions about employment conditions or continued
  employment of an individual judgment will not be made on the basis of
  age, gender, race, religions, political affiliation, marital status,
  pregnancy, sexual orientation or disability.

Occupational health and safety
• A clean, comfortable and safe working environment will be provided for all

Behavior at the workplace
• Employees will be sober and drug-free at all times during working hours. An
  employee whose performance may be affected by a legally prescribed
  medication should inform a supervisor.
• The consumption of alcohol on the company's premises is not permitted without
  the express permission of an authorized member of management.
• Bringing the families to the office, both weekend and weekdays should be

Personal relationship between employees
• Personal relationship between employees is private. However, the parties
  involved should acknowledge that they couldn't allow the relationship to impinge
  on the effectiveness with which they perform their work.
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